ZenTech is a technology consulting firm providing Federal Government agencies with actionable business solutions in the areas of IT Management Consulting, Acquisition Support, Enterprise & Portal Content Management, Application & Mobile Development, Business Intelligence , Software Engineering, Business Process Improvement, and Security.

8 (a) STARS II

8(a) STARS II Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC)
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Our firm was founded with the singular objective of combining experienced industry veterans with retired Federal Senior Executives who truly comprehend the challenges of managing in the Federal government, are respected for their extended civil service, and are jointly committed to the government’s mission. ZenTech combines this unique blend of expertise with a small business’s agility and a conflict-free approach for transparently delivering measurable results for our Federal government clients.



IT Management Consulting

Delivering superior IT services is about much more than Technology.  More than the technology itself, the management of the delivery of IT services is a critical driver of quality and performance.  Like any organization, the office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) has the challenging task of meeting customer needs within a constrained budget and with the constant change and churn in technology, standards, practices, etc.

To address these challenges, ZentechJV delivers a comprehensive portfolio of IT Management Consulting services, delivered by practitioners with decades of experience helping CIOs delivery superior services.  Our suite of IT Management Consulting services includes:

  • IT Strategic Planning: We assist our client in developing a vision for their target state, and developing a Strategic Plan for achieving that vision, including the necessary goals, objectives, and performance measures.
  • IT Portfolio Management:  We assist our client in scoping their various portfolios (applications, systems, contracts, etc.) and performing structured analysis and rationalization to improve cost-effectiveness, reduce redundancy, and improve service quality and performance.
  • Software Development Health Management: We assist our client in determining if and how to implement the various flavors of software development, and help them build the processes, standards, and the organization needed to deliver high-quality working software.
  • Agile IT Governance:  We assist our clients in establishing an optimal set of governance processes, fine-tuned for the needs of their organization and Agile and responsive to changes in demand, as well as the associated governance bodies and decision criteria.
  • IT Program and Project Management Support:  We assist our client in codifying and improving their program and project management processes, tools, templates, and performance monitoring and management.
  • Enterprise Performance Management Support:  We assist our client in developing and executing an enterprise performance management strategy, framework, and plan including the core components of strategic, operational, project, and financial performance management.

Portal & Enterprise Content Management

We help you transform your technology investments that directly enable faster, more effective, and more efficient processes. Our engagements diretor translate into a more agile and collaborative environment with better outcomes across the board. Our expertise spans methodologies, processes, technologies, and covers the full lifecycle of your technology investments.


One key benefit of our approach is better utilizing the existing components of your enterprise to deliver the right data to the right people at the right time.


We specialize in developing web-based, database-driven applications that automate and improve our clients’ business processes. Our software engineering services cover the full development lifecycle, and we have been appraised at CMMI Level 3, as well as certified to ISO 9001:2008.


With ZenTech’s Mobile Content Platform (MCP), we write code once and deploy to any major mobile platform. Our applications provide rich content and utilize mobile device capabilities such as GPS, camera, speech-to-text, cellular connections, and more. Additionally, our applications adhere to DoD AES-256 security standards, capable of implementing custom security standards such as: DES, TDES, and more. We allow you to securely store content on the device allowing users to run applications online or offline, as needed.


We maximize the efficiency and improve the quality of our clients’ business processes. We follow Lean Six Sigma principles for process optimization projects, and we have Master Black Belts and Black Belts on staff who are ready to attack our clients’ most complex problems.


Our approach starts with an evaluation of our clients’ “as-is” business processes, where we perform quantitative and qualitative analysis on the people, processes, tools, and data that serve as inputs and outputs to the business processes we are seeking to improve. We then design the desired “to-be” business processes that maximize efficiency in the value streams (while meeting cost, schedule, scope, and quality constraints) before putting together an actionable gap analysis plan to get from Point A to Point B.

Our business process improvement projects have saved our clients millions of dollars and thousands of hours. Once we streamline our clients’ business processes, we often set out to automate and improve them even more with the use of a software engineering solution.

IT Acquisition Support

The federal government plans to spend more than $90 billion on Information Technology in fiscal year 2019.  Unfortunately for taxpayers and IT users alike, these investments have historically resulted in inferior products and services, frequent delays, small to massive budget overruns, dissatisfied and dismayed customers, and most tragically, to mission failures.  The situation is so dire that GAO itself has identified IT Acquisitions and Operations as a High-Risk Issue.  In light of these challenges, GAO added improving the management of IT acquisitions and operations to its list of high-risk areas for the federal government.

Our approach to IT Acquisition is grounded in two concepts.  First, we serve the Contracting Officer (CO) and their vision, first and foremost.  We bridge the gap for many COs, helping to bring IT and Contracting together using our expertise in each.  Second, we execute rigorous and detailed processes to ensure the highest quality products to meet the high-quality standards of the COs.  To do so, we execute the full range of IT Acquisition Support services including market research, development of statements of work or performance work statements, independent government cost estimates, other solicitation components, and various support activities at direction of the Contracting Officer.

We believe that success in IT Acquisition begins with Market Research.  The fact is that our Government does not have the resources or expertise that industry has.  Market research is how we tap into that expertise to better understand the “art of the possible,” and the choices we can make when shaping our requirements.  And it’s not always enough to write a compelling Request for Information (RFI) with targeted, technical questions.  We may want to talk to industry.  We may want to conduct technical interchange meetings (TIM) where we can converse with industry partners and learn what we don’t know.  And we can use these insights to shape our procurement from top to bottom.

The best response needs to rely on a combination of written materials and oral presentations made by the offeror’s key personnel.  Relying only on written proposals should make us ask the question, “who wrote it?”  It could have been anyone but the delivery team.  So how do we know that the delivery team is expert is delivering that specific solution.  That’s where oral presentations come into play.  We can require the key personnel to be present and demonstrate their expertise in the specific solution or approach.  If the nature of the Requirements permits, we can ask the offeror to do a demonstration, or show a prototype, or exhibit a technology solution.  All of these methods are far superior to relying exclusively on a written proposal with unknown authorship.

Software Engineering

Our approach starts with a thorough understanding of our clients’ business needs, which guide our decisions as we design and develop lasting solutions for them. We have extensive experience using both agile and waterfall methodologies, and building both custom and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications using just about any technology stack.

Our software engineering teams of highly-skilled and versatile project managers, business analysts, and software developers allow us to do more with less and result in significant cost and time savings for our clients. We build secure, scalable, and user-friendly applications.


We have the expertise to make Business Intelligence work for your organization. We transform your data into meaningful information that provides accurate and deeper insight into your business. Our expertise spans a range of methodologies, processes, technologies, and covers the full life cycle of your data. This translates into better strategic, tactical, and operational decisions…which means better performance.


If your organization is already committed to certain BI technologies, we can make them work for you. DL consultants understand the challenges of implementing BI and can help you build consensus to stay on track. Our range of BI Services span the following areas:

  • BI Strategy
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Data Governance
  • BI Vendor & Tool Evaluation
  • Dashboard & Report Development
  • Data Mining
  • Analytic Models & Applications
  • ETL Development & Optimization
  • Master Data Management
  • Metadata Management
  • Data Security


lockOur clients across the Intelligence, Defense and Federal Civilian communities rely on ZenTech to design, implement and optimize secure solutions to modern cyber security challenges. ZenTech’s cyber security services address every facet of the security puzzle., ZenTech’s team of cyber security experts will help you fight back against modern threats.

Risk Management

Efficiency is everything in IT management. We help organizations do the same for Risk and compliance management. Whether it’s FISMA, FedRAMP, HIPAA, or almost any other compliance framework or requirements, ZenTech helps customers to achieve and maintain compliance with regulations, guidelines, directives and laws.

Our end-to-end compliance expertise enables organizations to meet their goals by leveraging our proven assessment, advisement, development, integration, operation and monitoring solutions. In addition, we identify commonalities between standard controls, presenting an opportunity for harmonized control frameworks while driving efficiency.

Averaging over 10 years experience in security compliance, our information security professionals have expertise implementing the right policies, processes and technologies to achieve, track and maintain organizational compliance. Services include:

  • Compliance Governance
  • Control Framework Development and Implementation
  • Readiness Assessments and Auditing
  • Operational Integration and Training
  • Program Management x Continuous Monitoring

Security Engineering

ZenTech understands the importance of incorporating security requirements, roles, tasks and products into all stages of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), through initiation, development, implementation, operations and disposition phases. To ensure IT security and privacy requirements continue to be appropriately phased into and upheld within the SDLC. ZenTech uses our vast knowledge of the latest industry standards and best practices include NIST Special Publications (SP), International Standards Organization (ISO) 27001 series, Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG) from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and guidance and configurations from the National Security Agency (NSA). This approach ensures that security is integrated into the design of each system rather than bolted on after‐the‐fact, avoiding redesign and redevelopment costs.

We combine security experience, innovation and the industry’s top engineers and professionals to create solutions that focus on today’s most pressing cyber security challenges and needs. Core cyber security principles are incorporated from day one of design development, allowing us to integrate technology embedded with cyber security and compliance checkpoints, and perform testing to identify critical threats and risks before they occur:

  • Cyber Security Engineering of Attack and Prevention, Detection and Response Solutions
  • Cyber Security Technology Evaluation and Prototyping
  • Malware Analysis, Eradication, and Reverse Engineering
  • Cyber Attack Simulation/Penetration Testing

Security Operations Solutions

Our security teams are highly experienced with building SOCs from the ground up in unique customer environments with distinct and dynamic challenges. We also have experience breathing new life into existing SOCs and NSOCs to equip them to combat the latest advanced threats.

Our success stems from striving to use existing cyber investments to their full potential while automating areas of operations that take pull resources from advanced operations.

Our portfolio of SOC solutions includes:

  • Enterprise Governance and Cyber Security Protection Support (Full Incident Lifecycle)
  • 24X7X365 Enterprise Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) delivering Vulnerability Assessment Service, Incident response, centralized management of antivirus measures and Security Log Management Service x Enterprise‐wide Network Visibility and Discovery Service
  • Securing networks and critical systems with real‐time countermeasures
  • Monitoring, Analysis, Detection, and Defense of Organization Assets and Systems
  • SOC / Monitoring / Log / Operational / Security / Privacy Architecture Development


Rick Jones
Mobile: 703-906-6796 (preferred)
Office: 571-384-7945
Email: Rjones@zenethtechpartners.com

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